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Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC)
Providing professional learning, resources, and technical assistance to educators


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) through the TTAC network provides resources and professional development on evidence- based and High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) for teachers and school divisions to support the learning and development of literacy skills for school-age children.

Two primary literacy initiatives, the Multi-Sensory Structured Language Program (MSLIP) and the Region 4 Dyslexia Advisors Community of Practice are currently underway. High Leverage Practices in Special Education (HLPs) and Literacy: Both literacy initiatives model elements of the type of instruction identified by the Council for Exceptional Children’s High Leverage Practices.

When Orton-Gillingham is used as a tier 2 or 3 intervention we assist teachers to use assessment to guide the formation of instructional groups. Through the analysis of student data, which includes the students’ present level of performance or baseline, and the clarification of short - and long- term goals, we promote specific, direct, explicit scaffolded instruction. As needed, we assist teachers to modify or adapt materials. Multi-sensory activities promote student engagement. Through a collaborative community of practice with Region 4 Dyslexia Advisors, we support the implementation of HLPs within the context of scientifically based reading instruction.

Assistive Technology for Literacy 

Disabilities that challenge students’ abilities to read and/or produce text can have a negative impact in many areas of their educational experience. Assistive technology tools that support reading and writing can give students access to content while they continue to receive literacy instruction and develop their literacy skills. Some of these tools are already present on classroom laptops, tablets, and other devices. 


The multi-sensory structured language approach training is a response to the current demand for teachers who have the skills and knowledge to address the issues of dyslexia among students with specific learning disabilities. 


The following links are to the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE’s) website that relate to directly dyslexia: