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College and Career Readiness: Through the Lens of Lexiles

Gina Massengill, M.Ed., Coordinator, VDOE Region 5 TTAC @ JMUy

Have you ever thought about what the reading demands are for your students beyond high school? Or better yet, do you feel that they are equipped to meet the demands of what they are required to read as citizens, employees, post-secondary education learners, and/or in their personal activities?

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Motivating Middle School Youth to be College and Career Ready

Sally L. Chappel, M. Ed., Coordinator, VDOE Region 5 TTAC @ JMU

Research has shown that increasing middle school students’ academic motivation is vital to making sure students will stay on the path to graduation. Motivating students at this age can be difficult as students tend to disengage during these years (Ruis, 2012). So how can we encourage and motivate students with disabilities at the middle school level to engage academically ensuring they will be college and career ready? One answer is to do effective student centered transition planning.

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Teaching Both Academics AND Behavior: SWPBIS Framework for Student Success

Jaclyn Nickel, M.S. Ed., Coordinator, VDOE Region 5 TTAC @ JMU, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) of Virginia Systems Coach

“You ought to know better!" How many times have you heard these words barked at a student? How many times have you uttered them to a student in your own classroom or when you encountered a child in the hallway, cafeteria, playground, or parking lot? During my earlier teaching days, I sure did. If I allow myself to reminisce (I cringe a bit) because before I had ever heard of School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS), I expected the kids who walked through my classroom door to automatically know how to behave.

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Autism is Not an Island

Amanda Armstrong, M.Ed., BCBA, Coordinator, VDOE Region 5 TTAC @ JMU

“Friends." That word alone can bring a flash of pictures and memories to your mind. Those memories from childhood may have occurred at school, in the neighborhood, at church, or even from a play date that your mom set up. As an adult those memories are typically from work, college, or through some mutual friend or loved one. Friends help us to create a social identity, but when placed in a social group such as work or college you have the necessary social abilities to thrive.

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Got AT?

Carol Wiegle, M.A., Coordinator, VDOE Region 5 T/TAC @JMU

The focus of this year’s TTAC Telegram is on providing our readers with information on assisting students to be “college and career ready." My question to you: Are your students ready?

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