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BriefCASE: Tips and Techniques for Effective Coaching Interactions

Dathan D. Rush, Ed.D. and M'Lisa L. Shelden, Ph.D.

Coaching has expanded into many phases of life. Two of the leaders in the field of instructional coaching, Dathan Rush and M'Lisa Shelden, have given permission to use three of their articles in this newsletter. They are also authors of The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook and will be presenting an interactive full-day session and two different half-day sessions at this summer's Creating Connections to Shining Stars Conference, July 16-18 in Virginia Beach.

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What Families Should Know About the Student-Athlete Protection Act

Bonnie W. Bell, Ph.D., VDOE TTAC@George Mason University

Over the past few decades, youth participation in sports and sports-related activities has risen dramatically. Moreover, families have become aware of the recognized benefits of physical fitness which has prompted increased adolescent involvement in competitive sports (Kimbler, Murphy, Dhandapani, 2011).

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End with the Beginning in Mind

Judith L. Fontana, Ph.D., VDOE TTAC @ George Mason University

Many teachers, especially those in middle and high schools, use student information surveys at the beginning of the year. These serve several purposes. Information about personal interests provides insight into ways to connect our content to students' lives.

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Not the Past or the Future, But the Present: Learning to Value Small Gifts

Justine van Engen, MFA

Two days a week, the boys from Heritage High School in Loudoun County come to my store. On Tuesdays, they drop off their teachers' drycleaning, and they return on Thursdays to pick it up.

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Summer Recharge and Review: Social Skills Apps for Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Karen S. Berlin, M.Ed., BCBA, VDOE TTAC@George Mason University

So often educators hear about “great apps” for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), but the school year is so charged with demands, that there is little time to explore them.

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Parents and Families: Be Determined for Your Child for the New School Year!

Nancy Anderson, M.Ed., VDOE TTAC@George Mason University

The Virginia Department of Education's I'm Determined project offers many resources and mentoring opportunities for parents and family members who wish to become more self-determined or person-centered focused.

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BriefCASE: Coaching Quick Reference Guide

Dathan D. Rush, Ed.D. and M'Lisa L. Shelden, Ph.D.

This BriefCASE outlines what an individual using a coaching interaction style and the person being coached (i.e., the learner) would each do in relation to the characteristics of the coaching process.

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Packing Mathematical Strategy Suitcases for the Next Grade Level

Cathy Buyrn, M.Ed., VDOE TTAC at The College of William and Mary

Send your students to the next grade with the strategy suitcase packed full of skills to support them as mathematical thinkers and capable problem solvers. This article will help you send them on their way with deeper conceptual strategies to complement isolated procedural supports for mathematics.

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CASEinPoint: Evidence-Based Definition of Coaching Practices

Dathan D. Rush, Ed.D. and M'Lisa L. Shelden, Ph.D.

The purpose of this CASEinPoint is to describe an operational definition of coaching practices based on current research in the human learning, professional de ­velopment, and helpgiving practices fields.

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Building Effective and Efficient Bully Prevention Systems Within the Context of Positive Behavior Support

Scott Ross, Ph.D., Utah State University

To date, 45 states have passed anti-bullying laws prohibiting bullying and mandating significant, immediate responses from schools and communities (Bully Police USA, 2011). The detrimental impacts of bullying on victims, bystanders, and bullies have been well documented, including academic/behavioral problems (Espelage & Swearer, 2003; Schwartz & Gorman,2003), school drop-out (Berthold & Hoover, 2000), employability issues (Carney & Merrell, 2001; National School Safety Center, 1995), and depression/suicide (Baldry & Farrington, 1998).

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Summer Reading List - Motivational, Morale-Boosting Reading for Educators

“Of all people, teachers know that learning never stops, even during . . . summer vacation. And while you probably want a little personal rest and recreation during your summer break . . . you can still find ways to indulge your love of teaching.”

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The new list of Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth was created from research provided through the University of Virginia's Weldon Cooper Center based on employer input and 21st Century Skills.

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