I'm Determined

The I'm Determined Project supports educators in their efforts to increase self-determination skills of students with disabilities to improve school performance and post-school transition outcomes. School personnel use the I'm Determined website, which includes modules, films, lesson plans, student materials, and other tools that focus on self-advocacy. TTAC coordinators provide technical assistance to schools and school districts and help facilitate a statewide networking meeting for those new to the project. Participating schools receive e-newsletters from the project and are eligible for mini-grants to be used for travel to networking events.

The Virginia Youth Summit of the I'm Determined project provides an opportunity for students with disabilities across the state to converge to further develop leadership and self-determination skills. The Project supports more than 100 students and families to attend the annual statewide event. A smaller group of Youth Leaders is chosen to attend more intensive leadership training during the summer on a Virginia college campus. Youth Leaders interact with policymakers and speak at education events throughout the school year.


Diane Loomis, Ph.D., dloomis@gmu.edu, Transition Coordinator/Self-Determination Coordinator
Nancy Anderson, M.Ed., nanders7@gmu.edu, Self-Determination and Parent Coordinator