Instructional Consultation Teams® (ICT®)

What is ICT®?

ICT is a complex team based problem solving approach designed to “Enhance, improve and increase student and staff performance.”

Based on the assumptions that:

  • All students can learn
  • Early intervention is preferable to waiting for failure
  • The critical arena for intervention is the student-teacher relationship within the general education classroom
  • The instructional match and setting is the focus of problem solving
  • A problem-solving community is the foundation for professional and student learning
  • Teachers, as professionals, are entitled to consult and collaborate
  • Change is a process, not an event. (Gravois, Gickling and Rosenfield, 2007)

Instructional consultation is the foundation for a case manager problem solving model that addresses teacher’s concerns about student academic performance or behavior. Problem solving may address concerns relative to individual students, small groups or even class-wide concerns.

This model helps schools align student services and provides embedded individualized professional development for teachers. A team of school-based professionals support classroom teachers in the design and application of instructional and behavioral interventions.

Implementation with fidelity is the result of intensive professional development and coaching.

The Virginia Department of Education has partnered with ICAT Resources® to provide professional development and technical assistance to schools and school divisions who wish to incorporate ICT into their schools. ICT is compatible with Virginia/s RtI framework.

For current information on the status of ICT in Virginia go to: