Secondary Transition

Secondary Transition Activities

Secondary Transition supports successful transition from high school for students with disabilities. Students and their families who plan for this transition have greater chances for successful life outcomes. Secondary Transition aims to:

  • Provide resource materials on the transition process for educators, administrators, adult agency personnel, and parents
  • Improve graduation rates and post-school outcomes for students with disabilities
  • Increase self-determination skills of students with disabilities

Regional Activities

Secondary Transition supports regional projects, transition councils, and college events, including:

  • Future Quest: Future Quest is a large college and career conference for students with disabilities and their families. It is a free event that is held every other year on the George Mason University Fairfax campus. It is attended by more than 800 students with disabilities, their families, and professionals. For registration and more information, visit the website.
  • The Northern Virginia Transition Coalition (NVTC): The NVTC is comprised of transition professionals from Region 4 schools, rehabilitation professionals, and other contributors to transition of students with disabilities. The NVTC organizes and delivers Future Quest. GMU TTAC is a member of the NVTC.

Transition Resources

Many are specific to Region 4:

Disability Support/Advocacy Groups
(More resources available on TTAC Online or College Resources (More resources available on TTAC Online or

Community Services (More resources available on TTAC Online or Web sites


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