Intellectual Disabilities

Students with intellectual disabilities represent a diverse group of learners. Like many students, they display unique challenges, skills, preferences, and experiences. Here, you will find information and resources for professionals whose students access the curriculum through the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL). The resources listed represent current research in education and strategies for promoting meaningful instruction and post school outcomes for learners with intellectual disabilities.

What does the term intellectual disability mean?
Virginia Department of Education: Intellectual Disabilities

Where can I find resources to understand intellectual disabilities better?
Visit TTAC Online: Resources. Click on search bar on the left panel, and go to "Disability Area" and select the "intellectual disabilities" check box to bring up all the results associated with this topic. You may narrow your search further by selecting an age level or resource category. You may also visit the Kellar Lending library and use the online catalog to search according to your need.

What are the Aligned Standards of Learning?
See the VAAP Implementation Manual for more information on the ASOLs.

Where can I find ASOL/VAAP instructional resources?
ASOL/VAAP instructional resources

Where can I find ASOL sample activities?
Sample activities are available for ReadingWritingMathematicsScience and History/Social Science Sample Activities.


Karen Berlin, M.Ed., BCBA,
Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Coordinator
Office: 703-993-4496

Geoffrey Weber, M.Ed.,
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Office: 703-993-4496