Family Engagement

The VDOE TTAC at GMU (Region 4) recognizes that families play a vital role in the academic progress and success of students with disabilities. The TTAC supports them through information dissemination and links to other resources and organizations that work with families. In addition, the TTAC partners with family organizations to help them meet the needs of families and students.

TTAC GMU Resources that can be accessed by parents and families:

  • TTAC Monthly News Brief: Ready, Set, Go, provides information and resources via email focusing on educational issues related to students with disabilities.
  • Lending resources of the Kellar Library, where TTAC houses books, videos, and other materials specifically related to students and individuals with disabilities.

VDOE Website Resources:

Organizations in Virginia for Parents and Families:

For more information on resources for families, please contact Nancy Anderson or Clare Talbert.


Clare Talbert, M.Ed.,
Office: 703-993-4496

Nancy Anderson, M.Ed.,
I'm Determined and Family Engagement Coordinator
Office: 703-993-4496