Co-Teaching is an approach to inclusive practices that speaks to the requirement to educate special needs students in the Least Restrictive Environment (Individuals with Disabilities Act, 2004).  Co-teaching is two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse group of students in the same physical space.  It is often a general education teacher and a special education teacher who share responsibility for educating the same students.  Research shows that students with disabilities can acquire increased social and emotional skills in a co-taught classroom, as well experience greater academic success (Friend, 2014; Murowski, 2009).

Virginia’s Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative

About 64% of Virginia students with disabilities spend 80% of more of their days in the general education classroom (Virginia Department of Education, 2018).  Co-teaching has frequently been chosen as a service delivery option for these students.   For several years, the Virginia Department of Education has chosen certain schools throughout the state as co-teaching demonstration sites, as part of its Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative. These demonstration schools provide opportunities for co-teaching partners to observe inclusive practices in action.  They model co-teaching, welcome visitors, and produce lesson plans and videos of co-planning, co-assessing, and co-instructing.

Region 4 TTAC and Co-Teaching

Region 4 TTAC supports co-teaching school sites currently participating in the Virginia Department of Education’s Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative.  Teachers and administrators may visit to discuss co-teaching and to observe.

Visits to Demonstration Sites

Co-Teaching teams in Region 4 that are participating in the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative for school year 2018-19 are listed below.  To arrange a visit, contact Diane Loomis (

  • Eastern View High School, Grade 9 Algebra (Culpeper County Public Schools)
  • Harmony Middle School, Grade 8 English (Loudoun County Public Schools)
  • Emerald Hill Elementary School, Grade 1 Math (Culpeper County Public Schools)
  • Discovery Elementary School, Grade 3 ELL/LA/Math (Loudoun County Public Schools)
  • Discovery Elementary School, Grade 2, All (Loudoun County Public Schools)

Regional Community of Practice for Co-Teaching

Region 4 TTAC conducts a regional online community of practice in co-teaching.

Resources for Co-Teaching


For additional information on the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative or on co-teaching practices, contact Diane Loomis.


Diane Loomis,
Transition Coordinator and Co-teaching Lead
Office: 703-993-4496