Assistive Technology

GMU TTAC is supporting Region 4 by integrating Assistive Technology (AT) into all VDOE/TTAC initiatives (VTSS, Specially Designed Instruction: Literacy/Math, Inclusion/High Leverage Practices, Early Childhood, etc).

The Assistive Technology Network (Virginia Department of Education) created the Assistive Technology Tools in Schools Booklet.
This booklet includes answers to the following questions:

  • What is Assistive Technology?
  • What about the law and AT?
  • What does AT Assessment mean?
  • What is an Assistive Technology Team?
  • How can AT be used in schools?
    Topics include:
    • Assistive Technology for Literacy  
    • Assistive Technology for Access  
    • Assistive Technology for Communication

GMU TTAC: AT Assessment Kits

To help school divisions who are getting started with their AT Assessment processes and expanding their AT equipment collection, TTAC has put together these kits and accompanying professional development trainings:

The TTAC Assistive Technology Assessment Kits are a collection of assistive technology materials for access, literacy, and communication. They are intended to be used by professionals, who support special education students in K-12 classrooms in the Virginia Department of Education’s Region 4, to learn about Assistive Technology Consideration and Assessment and to conduct AT trials. School division personnel can explore and learn about the devices, included in each kit, to enhance their own knowledge base and to make decisions about how to expand their division's AT equipment library. Each Kit includes a Go Talk, iPad with AAC apps, Talkable 4, Big Mack Communicator, Talking Brix Communicator, Reading Pen, switches, low tech tools such as heavy duty VELCRO®, and many other items.

For more information or to checkout an AT Assessment Kit:
Geoff Weber, M.Ed.

Assistive Technology Coordinator